• 20 Jan 2015

    Saffier De Residentiegroep makes 20% plus data centre savings thanks to Proact's hyperconverged solution

    Saffier De Residentiegroep, a health care service provider, has chosen Proact to supply a hyperconverged data centre solution.

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  • 08 Jan 2015

    Proact to launch in the US

    Proact will from January 8 this year begin to conduct business in the US. The launch will take place as a “greenfield”, a team with solid technical skills will be taken on in Chicago. The business in US will initially be part of the "Business Unit Nordics".

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  • 18 Dec 2014

    Omrin opts for an EMC VSPEX solution from Proact for its Business Intelligence environment

    Omrin, the sustainable waste collector and processor from Friesland, has chosen Proact for the delivery and implementation of a new EMC VSPEX solution for two locations. Proact provides a complete solution, including 24x7 support for hardware and software. Omrin has signed a three-year contract.

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  • 17 Dec 2014

    Proact to build virtual IT infrastructure for SMÅA

    Proact has been commissioned to supply and install a complete IT infrastructure for Småföretagarnas A-kassa, SMÅA. The new IT infrastructure will be commissioned in early 2015.

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  • 09 Dec 2014

    Building new business in Proact cloud

    New company InZafe is basing its business model on Proact’s cloud services. When a company aims to become Europe’s leading supplier of electronic storage for companies’ business documents and accounts data, it needs good partners, secure infrastructure and scalability.

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  • 26 Nov 2014

    The Montessori School Community Amsterdam chooses EMC VSPEX for Microsoft Hyper-V from Proact

    The Montessori Scholengemeenschap Amsterdam Foundation (MSA), a group of schools for secondary education in Amsterdam, has selected Proact for the supply and implementation of a new EMC VSPEX solution for four schools.

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  • 13 Nov 2014

    Proact consolidates IAC Group storage

    Proact is supplying a new IT infrastructure to car parts manufacturer IAC Group. This solution involves a new storage environment and backup solution, giving IAC the system access and flexibility demanded by their business. The agreement with IAC also involves Proact supplying local premium support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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  • 07 Nov 2014

    Proact buys back own shares

    The Annual General Meeting held on 6 May 2014 authorised the Board of Directors at Proact IT Group AB to implement a buyback of own shares amounting to a maximum of 10 per cent of the total number of outstanding shares.

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  • 29 Oct 2014

    Proact Board makes decision on buyback of own shares

    The Board of Directors at Proact IT Group AB ("Proact") has made a decision to initiate the buyback of its own shares within the scope of the authorisation concerning the acquisition of own shares, amounting to a maximum of 10 per cent of shares, as obtained at the Annual General Meeting held on 6 May 2014. This authorisation may be exercised up to the time of the next Annual General Meeting. The purpose of buybacks is in accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting.

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  • 08 Oct 2014

    Huisman opts for the IT infrastructure from Proact for eleven locations worldwide

    Huisman, who is active worldwide in the development and production of heavy construction equipment for onshore and offshore companies, has chosen Proact to be the supplier of a new IT infrastructure. Proact delivers and implements the total solution, consisting of servers, storage and back-up for a total of eleven locations worldwide. Huisman has signed a five-year contract.

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