Doors Open for a Cloud: Proact, Cisco, NetApp and EMC Provide Savings to Two TDC Data Centers

TDC is fortunate to have one less of these typical concerns. The operator’s completely upgraded data center contains a brand new storage system, the trump card of which is extremely fast recovery from any catastrophes. The center has also a storage system fresh out of package that - in addition to being extremely fast - has a competitive cost level. To top it all, there are the servers that concentrate on consolidating the virtual machines.

Proact and its partners Cisco, NetApp and EMC are behind the extensive data center upgrade. Systems Architect Calle Granfelt Granfelt of TDC explains: “Proact and its partners provided us with high usability, duplication of disk space into two data centers and improved performance.”

Two data centers but only one storage system

Mr. Granfelt mentions frequently ”MetroCluster”. What is it? “MetroCluster is an intriguingly unique technology by NetApp, with which one storage system can be distributed to two geographically separate data centers with full synchronisation.” The virtual machines in the TDC data centers see MetroCluster as one disk system. In addition, same services can be executed from both data centers without interruptions in use. Also maintenance, updates and tests can be managed without interruptions. It would be nice to hear of center management as simple as this more often.

What about backups? 

Petri Heino Sales Manager of Proact and the person in charge of the project, tells that TDC’s data is now backed up using the deduplication technology by EMC. It means that there are no unnecessary overlapping backups. In addition, network traffic and related costs naturally decline.

“The latest upgrade concerned the servers. They were equipped with the brand-new UCS technology,” says Heino.

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