Data Centre & Virtualisation Networks

Limitless collaboration and on-demand access to business information

Today's highly mobile workforce, proliferation of devices, data-driven business models, and super-fast network speeds are making limitless collaboration and on-demand information essential to a sustainable business model. To support these requirements, your datacentre must operate in an agile, simple and more powerful way while reducing cost, physical footprint and emissions. 

Proact’s Datacentre and Virtualisation Networks solutions incorporate a Unified Fabric that is the enabler to seamlessly connect your users, compute platform and storage infrastructure in a single, high-speed converged network.

This Unified Fabric spans the local and wide area network delivering a range of protocols to enable maximum performance, resilience and scalability to be built securely into the core of your datacentre.

The Proact Data Centre and Virtualisation Network Portfolio delivers a granular cost-effective path to upgrading the capacity of your datacentre network and is built on the following common tenants:

  • Design flexibility: Modular, rack, and integrated blade switches are optimised for both current and future bandwidth environments.
  • Industry-leading switching capabilities: Layer 2 and 3 functions can help build stable, secure, scalable datacentres.
  • Investment protection: Adaptability simplifies capacity and capability upgrades.
  • Continuous operations: A combination of hardware redundancy and features such as in-service software upgrades and Smart Call Home helps maximize network availability.
  • Operational manageability: Integrated management tools simplify operations and accelerate problem resolution.
  • Transport flexibility: The broad portfolio of switches eases migration to new technologies.

By aligning your IT people, processes, and technology with your business objectives, the new, virtualised datacentre helps you address business challenges. Proact’s portfolio of Datacentre and Virtualisation Network Solutions helps transform infrastructure silos into pools of resources that can be dynamically aligned to meet your application and business needs.

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