Automation and Orchestration

Simplify IT Operations with end-to-end management

As organisations continue to deploy virtualisation technology, be that for servers, storage or networks - new challenges and new opportunities have been presented to IT. 

In the past, adding a new service required a physical purchase order for equipment, with a formal approval process giving security and control. Limited skillsets were required, but delivering a new platform could take weeks or months. 

Today, delivering a new service in a virtual environment can take minutes with little management control – however, it lacks the controls of physical assets, and requires skills in multiple disciplines. The implication of this is that virtual server “sprawl” is rapidly becoming an increasingly large problem that IT is being asked to address. 

Traditional IT management tools are not equipped to address this problem, most lack a management layer which can handle physical, virtual and cloud based resources. The result is the use of multiple complex tools to manage the virtual infrastructure stack – adding complexity but increasing risk whilst constraining an organisations ability to maximise the benefits that virtualisation can bring.

Proact help our customers deliver on the best of both worlds – deployment of services in minutes, with absolute control, a single toolset and real time alerting/reporting. We leverage our experience of deploying and managing over 10PB of storage and several thousand virtual machines in our enterprise cloud – helping customers reduce risk, cost and time to market. 

We offer advanced integrated datacentre automation solutions that allow our customers to centrally manage physical, virtual and cloud layers as well as other key IT functions like monitoring, capacity planning, chargeback and more besides. Our approach is focused on reducing IT complexity, giving you a seamless way to manage your existing infrastructure as well as your virtual estate. 

Key Benefits


    Automate provisioning & configuration of new services reducing time to deliver new applications and services 


    Easily set and enforce policies , ensuring compliance with simple automated non-restrictive governance   


    Automatically identify and report on underutilised assets, identifying performance hot spots before problems occur


    Reporting in real-time the complete utilisation resources across the infrastructure, showing accurate utilisation reducing troubleshooting and VM sprawl.


    Provide visibility into virtual infrastructure resource consumption, vastly improving capacity planning.

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