Vulnerability Assessment as a Service

Vulnerability Assessment as a Service

Finding your weaknesses before attackers do

Proact’s Vulnerability Assessment as a Service has been designed to protect your critical assets. Cyber-attackers are always looking for holes in your networks, web applications and databases, so it’s essential you put in place measures to protect your data.

Using multiple market-leading products, Proact can detect threats quickly, enhancing the security of your environment. Our team of security experts will analyse your environment, issuing you with alerts when vulnerabilities are discovered. We will target all of your internet facing vulnerabilities and will deliver you with actionable intelligence so you can put in place preventative measures as quickly as possible.

What is Vulnerability Assessment as a Service?

Actionable intelligence

By identifying newly exposed services and vulnerabilities, and raising alerts immediately, the likelihood of your organisation being attacked will be significantly reduced. You can also benefit from fully automated reporting and alerts via email.


Your reports will detail trends, risks, solutions and vulnerabilities. Reports can be tailored around your requirements, exploring themes common to your environment.


Vulnerability Assessment as a Service can integrate seamlessly with other Proact security technology, including SIEM as a Service. With flexible licensing and scalability, this offering also allows for growth and changes to your network assets.

Key benefits


    Customise scans to meet the needs of your infrastructure, covering your networks, applications and devices.


    By using a range of market-leading vulnerability scanners, potential threats can be detected quicker.



    A single security provider to conduct all your vulnerability scans, allowing your resource to concentrate on strategic projects

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