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The Swedish Institute has signed a new contract with Proact

The Swedish Institute is a government agency under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with some 140 employees and associates. Proact’s assignment covers the entire organisation, including the Stockholm office and the Swedish Institute branch in Paris, the only Swedish cultural institution located abroad. The estimated contract value is SEK 21 million over the entire contract period.

Under the contract, which is based on the coordinated framework agreement “IT operations Medium” provided by the National Procurement Services, Proact will manage the continuous operations of the Swedish Institute’s IT infrastructure, applications and networks. The solution is implemented through a private cloud platform which also includes a customised, cloud-ready workplace solution, plus Proact’s service desk as the single point of contact for all support issues.

In addition to day-to-day responsibility for IT operations and support, Proact will also serve as advisors and a strategic partner to the Swedish Institute’s IT team and the agency’s Digitalisation and communication unit.

“Our assignment as IT partner to the Swedish Institute perfectly illustrates how Proact combines strong delivery capabilities with our expert knowledge to satisfy unique customer needs. We enable organisations to realise the benefits offered by the cloud within the framework of a custom-designed solution,” says Lena Eskilsson, Managing Director, Proact IT Sweden.

Proact’s workplace services are cloud-ready to leverage new technology, while offering a delivery model that allows quickly scaling of capacity to meet temporary needs. The workplace services also enable the Swedish Institute to build a personalised user environment to address the different needs of various professional roles, as well as the organisational requirements for mobility, confidentiality, service availability and performance.


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