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Strengthening our team during a pandemic

Needless to say, it’s been a strange year. One thing is for certain, we have all dealt with new experiences and scenarios that we would have never imagined back in January.

The adaption to remote working almost on a full-time basis can be challenging at times. But imagine starting a new role at a brand new workplace without the face-to-face interaction to make it easier to settle in.  

At Proact, we adapted the candidate’s journey, including the recruitment, induction and on-boarding process, to achieve a seamless transition for them into the business. Our HR team rose to the challenge and has worked hard to ensure our new starters feel as welcome, supported and connected as possible.

We caught up with Sunny Johal, Senior Account Manager in the UK, who experienced Proact’s remote recruitment and on-boarding first-hand.

When did you join Proact? And what is your role?  

I joined Proact on 1 July 2020 as a Senior Account Manager.

What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities are to grow our business through new acquisitions and expanding our presence within existing customers. I also work closely with our vendors to establish technologies that will improve business outcomes for our clients, whilst managing the backend service to give our clients more freedom around their IT overhead and resources.


Sunny Johal, Senior Account Manager (UK)

Who’s your target market?  

My target market is the commercial sector, focusing on financial services, legal and retail. 

So far, what have you learnt about Proact’s products and portfolio?

The biggest takeaway for me so far is how diverse and extensive our portfolio is. We have services that can be tailored to fit perfectly organisations of all sizes across all sectors. 

What do you think makes Proact’s solutions stand out compared to other organisations?

Proact has invested in making sure that our services are easy to consume, whether it be storage or cyber security just to name a couple, whilst being very flexible especially within our managed cloud services.

As more organisations make that shift towards a cloud first strategy, we have a services layer to offer a complete end-to-end service. We provide an OPEX approach giving complete transparency on total costs of ownership with the ability to scale up or scale down.

Our services complement the biggest technology vendors in the industry. We are very client centric, everything is about making sure we are taking our customers on the right journey according to their business needs. What Proact understands well is that one size doesn’t fit all, so we work with our clients to define a clear roadmap that works for them and is aligned to their own strategy.

How did you find the recruitment and on-boarding process?

The recruitment process was very thorough in making sure this would be the right move for both Proact and me. Both the recruitment process and on-boarding was during the height of the pandemic, so everything needed to be done remotely which was a new experience. 

Even though I’ve yet to meet a lot of the Proact family in person, I always felt that I had the right support even in a virtual setting. The on-boarding induction was seamless and very well planned. 

How has your remote-working experience of Proact been since joining? 

I’m pleased to say, it has been very positive. I have all the tools required to do my role and have had a lot of support from my fellow team members in making sure I feel part of the Proact family. 

Have you been able to experience a flavour of Proact’s culture even within the remote setting? 

After five months, I already feel like a Proactivist. I feel I’m well-embedded into the culture of Proact and have been able to experience some great virtual interactions with other members of Proact. However, I am looking forward to the physical element, as I’m sure most people are.


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