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Proact partners with LogicMonitor to expand its monitoring capabilities

Data management specialist Proact has signed a new partner agreement with LogicMonitor to enable Proact and its customers to better collect and consolidate critical performance and operational data on their IT infrastructure and cloud services.

The new partnership with LogicMonitor will enable Proact to provide its customers with enhanced monitoring services based on industry-leading AIOps (artificial intelligence for operations) toolsets. The functionalities to collect and consolidate critical performance and operational data insights will improve Proact’s support offerings and provide even more proactive maintenance opportunities. Customers benefit as the insights can be used to prevent incidents from occurring, and to provide optimisation suggestions that lead to improved performance and efficiency.

“We are excited about this new partnership as we are seeing a strong market trend in movement towards AIOps. It’s a new mindset within IT operations where machine learning is applied to collected data, to predict what will happen within certain environments. This new partnership will benefit both customers that decide to operate our monitoring platforms themselves and those who use our Managed Cloud Services” says
Per Sedihn, CTO and VP, Portfolio and Technology at Proact IT Group AB.

“LogicMonitor continues to evolve its partner strategy to focus not only on global expansion, but also on hyper-localisation. In the wake of the pandemic, many enterprises have turned to local organisations with market leading expertise to address their business needs,” says Sanjay Gupta, Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances at LogicMonitor. “We recognize the power in aligning with companies that not only have a global footprint but also established trust within their local markets. Partnering with Proact extends LogicMonitor’s availability via a trusted global IT managed services provider who has strong local ties within their key markets.”

The new partner agreement with LogicMonitor stretches across all countries in which Proact operates and will also act as a foundation for enhancing Proacts existing managed cloud services.


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