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Hybrid cloud security - Challenges and best practices

Proact and Arctic Wolf partner to expand security services for the Nordic market

Proact, Europe’s leading independent data centre specialist and cloud services provider, has partnered with global cybersecurity specialist Arctic Wolf to elevate cybersecurity services in the Nordic market.

With evolving cyber threats that pose a significant risk to businesses, safeguarding data has become more crucial than ever. With over a decade of experience delivering security services from its Security Operation Centres (SOC), Proact is a trusted cybersecurity partner for enterprise businesses and the public sector in the European market. The collaboration with Arctic Wolf in the Nordics will empower Proact to further develop and deliver world-class end-to-end security monitoring, reporting, incident response, recovery, and continuous security posture improvement services.

“We already possess a robust cybersecurity portfolio, assisting customers in evaluating their cybersecurity risks, designing secure storage and backup solutions, delivering Managed Detection and Response, and security information and event management (SIEM) services through our SOC, and providing incident response and data recovery services. By incorporating Arctic Wolf as a vendor, we can further expand our service offerings and gain access to an even larger pool of security specialists and analysts across the region,” says Danny Duggal, Head of Cybersecurity Business & CISO Operations at Proact.

“We are excited to work with Proact, a well-known specialist in the Nordic market with an abundance of cybersecurity experience. This new partnership will ensure customer using Proact, as a managed service provider, can integrate services from Arctic Wolf into their already robust SOC services, ensuring greater cyber protection from today’s threats,” says Clare Loveridge, Arctic Wolf’s President and General Manager for EMEA.

About Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf® is a global leader in security operations, enabling customers to manage their cyber risk in the face of modern cyber attacks via a premier cloud-native security operations platform. The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud ingests and analyzes more than 4.5 trillion security events a week to help enable cyber defense at an unprecedented capacity and scale, empowering customers of virtually any size across a wide range of industries to feel confident in their security posture, readiness, and long-term resilience. By delivering automated threat protection, response, and remediation capabilities, Arctic Wolf delivers world-class security operations with the push of a button so customers can defend their greatest assets at the speed of data.


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