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Broadcom VMware Partner

Proact becomes Premier Partner of Broadcom, recognising vast collaboration with VMware

Proact, Europe’s leading independent cloud services provider and data centre specialist, announces its new status as a Premier Partner of Broadcom. This strategic partnership further solidifies Proacts position as a trusted provider of high-quality cloud services and infrastructure solutions.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the Proact Hybrid Cloud offering built using VMware technologies. Proact Hybrid Cloud enable organisations to run cloud workloads safely and reliably in multiple European countries. As a Broadcom Premier Partner, Proact can offer customers resilient, reliable, infrastructure-as-a-service solutions from a Europe-based service provider.

Proact has many years of extensive experience of VMware technology and many highly skilled experts within virtualisation. The new partnership with Broadcom underscores the importance of VMware (now VMware by Broadcom) as a key partner to deliver innovative and efficient cloud services to a wide range of workloads.

“Being invited as Premier Partner to the Broadcom Advantage Partner program is a privilege and it reflects our dedication to excellence. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with VMware by Broadcom,” says Per Sedihn, Vice President, Technology & Services at Proact IT Group AB. “Being able to help customers with their on-premise licenses as well as a VMware based infrastructure as a service builds the foundation for a flexible cloud architecture to meet a wide range of business requirements” says Per Sedihn.


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