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Ransomware: when will it stop?

Tim Simons, Head of Security Services, blogs about today’s ransomware tactics and explores our options to stop or at least slow down the rise in cases.

Security webinar

Organisations are facing new cyber security challenges as they rapidly adapt to a remotely-enabled workforce. Join this webinar with Tim Simons, Security Product Manager, who looks at how criminals are taking advantage of the situation – and what you can do about it.

4 steps to defend against malware and ransomware attacks

It seems that every few months all over the world we are hearing public and private sector organisations facing cyber-threats and data breaches. From large enterprises, to charities to the NHS, cyber criminals do not discriminate.


Ransomware: a rising threat

Could you be a target for ransomware threats? In this webinar we cover the ecosystem of ransomware and how you can mitigate against threats.

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