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A Trashcan is not a Backup

With M365 you can configure your email data not to be deleted. This is quite a useful feature and allows for users to retrieve deleted email from their ‘Deleted Items’ folder. This ‘trashcan’ approach even also allows for an administrator to recover emails from a deleted user – these are held in the administrator equivalent of a ‘deleted items’ folder. So while this sounds like a data protection feature, it falls far short of what we you would normally consider backup for a number of reasons:

  1. M365 administrators, and bad actors, can accidentally change the protection settings and inadvertently delete the trashcan contents.
  2. Backup solutions provide a ‘point in time’ view, allowing you to query a users mailbox on a given day. This is critical when restoring an individual users emails at a given point in time.
  3. Backup solutions provide an Index – allowing for the backup meta-data to be searched for specific criteria. This search functionality allows for far more structured compliance searching.

So don’t think a trashcan will do the job of protecting your business data, just like a backup can. Take a look at Proact’s M365 backup and provide comprehensive protection for your M365 data.

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