We advise on your data strategy

Start here to explore your options for the future and get architectural designs that make your chosen path possible

Proact undertook a comprehensive review of our storage and backup infrastructure and looked to improve on our current environment in every way. The solution has given us greatly improved performance and capacity, providing us with a sound foundation for future growth and simplified management.

Mark Balcombe

Associate Director of Operations, Bell and Clements

Strategic consulting

We’ll help you explore your future options when it comes to how you manage your data, technology and multicloud deployment. And since technology is as much about politics and culture as anything else, we’ll help you manage complex & difficult situations.


Whether on-premises or multicloud, our architects use their experience to design solutions that fit your organisation – and its goals – the best. As IT environments get more complex, our architects’ expertise is more important than ever when it comes to architecting from the very start a solution that delivers results and flexibiliy. 

Professional services

Unlike many consultancies, we don’t just advise – we deliver, too. In fact, we offer services at every stage of digital transformation’s constant cycle of updates, assessments and optimisation. 

The power of data

Data is powerful. But the way it’s stored, connected, secured and used is changing. To succeed, you need a partner who can help you take advantage of these changes.

We can add value at every stage of your transformation. We can help define your data strategy, so that you get the technology that’s right for you. We can help you store, connect, protect and secure your data, so you, and only you, can move, access and share your data quickly and cost-effectively. And we can help you unlock your data’s value, through advanced AI, analytics and automation.

That’s what we call the #ThePowerOfData