AFA Insurance

Going from a month to an hour 

When AFA Insurance modernises its IT from the ground up, application development can be accelerated dramatically. Moving enterprise applications to a container-based platform makes the goal within reach. 

AFA Insurance is owned by the main parties in the Swedish labour market. Its mission is to administer the occupational injury insurance stipulated in collective agreements. More than four million people are covered by the AFA insurance policies, which provide financial support in the event of incapacity for work. 

AFA has on-premises data centres and also a sizeable in-house software development, with a team of around 70 employees. 


AFA Insurance saw a great need for modernising its enterprise application platform. A new strategy was adopted for establishing a service-based IT architecture. 


 AFA Insurance will transfer all software development to a container-based platform. This facilitates agile practises where changes that previously took a month instead can be made within an hour. The new platform also enables a smooth transition to a hybrid environment where on-premise resources can be freely mixed with cloud services. 

“ – We will consume cloud services in the future. There are no plans set for an all-out cloud migration, but we have envisioned some form of hybrid model. ”


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