A&M Stabtest GmbH

A new IT infrastructure — compatible with the existing building and all the regulations of the pharmaceutical industry

A&M STABTEST GmbH is one of the largest analysis service providers for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. They needed a completely new, reliable infrastructure for the IT in a new building that met all the regulations of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a solution for the previous location adapted to this new IT.

The challenge

For the construction of a new building at their company headquarters, A&M STABTEST GmbH needed a completely new IT infrastructure. This was to include all the associated components: Network, storage, server hardware, virtualisation, workspace, security and backup. At the same time, the current IT in the existing building was to be adapted to the new system. On the one hand, this had become outdated over time and on the other, A&M STABTEST wanted to use the synergies that result from coordinated IT systems — true to the motto: “One company, one IT system”.

The choice of IT partner was easy for A&M STABTEST, as they could look back on many years of positive experience working with Proact.

The solution

In addition to setting up a complete infrastructure, A&M STABTEST decided to upgrade the existing IT at the first location and to adapt it to the infrastructure in the new building. Proact provided them with the necessary components in the usual state-of-the-art technology, as well as services for implementation and support. A five-day training of the employees for the new storage infrastructure rounded off the solution. From the initial scheduling to the execution of the delivery of hardware and the implementation of the new IT infrastructure, the project went as planned. It is no secret that stumbling blocks also occur in every IT project. But Proact Germany was also able to solve these quickly and satisfactorily for A&M STABTEST.


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