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Microsoft Defender: Insights and Intricacies

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Welcome to another episode of Let’s Talk Data, your go-to podcast for diving deep into the world of data and technology. We’re taking a closer look at a critical component of cybersecurity in the Microsoft ecosystem: Microsoft Defender. In this episode, we’ll explore Microsoft Defender’s capabilities, its comprehensive suite of security tools, and why it has become indispensable for organisations relying on Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Defender is more than just a simple antivirus program; it’s a robust security suite that encompasses nearly all facets of Microsoft 365. From endpoint protection to cloud security, Defender offers a layered defence strategy against a myriad of cyber threats. But what makes it stand out? How does it integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft services, and what real-world benefits does it provide?

Let's talk data Ep21 - Microsoft defender

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29 May 2024 | 35 min

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