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Technology trends of 2024: Future of working from home

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In this podcast episode we discuss the challenges and expectations for the IT business and other industries in 2024. We explore the productivity gains of remote work but also acknowledge potential challenges, such as the need for intentional communication and periodic team gatherings for enhanced collaboration.

We reflect on the experiences of working remotely. Sharing varied perspectives on the effectiveness of remote collaboration and the need for concentrated, in-person team interactions. Tune in for insights into the evolving landscape of work dynamics in 2024.

Join us as we explore various perspectives on the future of work, from the practicalities of remote collaboration tools to the importance of creating a conducive work environment, and even humorous speculations involving robot baristas. The genie is indeed out of the bottle, and the conversation unfolds with engaging insights and differing opinions on the intricate balance between remote and in-person work.

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21 February 2024 | 33 min

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