Have you considered — becoming cloud considered?

Four clouds containing data representing a cloud considered strategy

By now, it’s no secret: The cloud offers a cost-effective, flexible way to manage, store and access data. As cloud computing evolves, new concepts are emerging that provide more nuanced approaches to cloud strategies. Among these are the well-known “cloud first” and “cloud smart” concepts. But in this article, we’d like to introduce a third […]

IT workloads’ role in digital transformation

Closeup of hand uploading IT workloads into the cloud on a laptop

Workloads are a critical component of the cloud journey and play a crucial role in the successful adoption of cloud technology in businesses. This article explores the importance of IT workloads in the context of digitalisation and cloud adoption.

Data privacy: 5 key steps

Person using a phone and computer to ensure data privacy through MFA

Having the basics in place is a great start. But what further measures can your business take to step up the strength of your data privacy?

Proact’s summer IT trivia quiz

IT trivia quiz

Ready to test your knowledge with our seven-question summer IT trivia quiz? Take a quick break and see how your answers measure up!

Where hybrid cloud is headed

Where hybrid cloud is headed

In this article, we highlight important factors in successful hybrid cloud implementation and provide insights on where hybrid cloud is headed in the future.