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Water authority Rivierenland has modernised its VDI platform with support from specialists at Proact. With the new, up-to-date workspace, water authority Rivierenland has improved security, performance and availability enabling business continuity across the organisation. Thanks to new automated workflows, water authority Rivierenland is able to quickly and easily create new workspaces, saving the IT team time and effort.

Water authority Rivierenland is responsible for water control in the River Area of the Netherlands. Its staff complete tasks including managing water levels and water quality, as well as the treatment of waste water. The organisation employs around 1,200 people who are all dependent on having the right IT solutions and support.

In 2017, water authority Rivierenland decided to implement a new financial application to support new business needs. As this new system had high technical requirements, Rivierenland decided to upgrade its existing VDI platform to a new VMware virtualisation solution. This step also helped the organisation improve the performance of other applications that had high CPU capacity requirements.

In addition, Water authority Rivierenland wanted to use this opportunity to evaluate its application landscape to see if it could limit the number of applications it needed. Rivierenland selected Proact to complete the project, a decision which was based on the data centre specialist’s knowledge, expertise and experience. The solution was delivered through ProactVX in the Netherlands which is part of the Proact IT Group.

“Proact provided valuable advice and support for moving to the newer versions of Exchange and Active Directory. And it also helped reduce the number of applications we use,” says Martijn Vlietstra, Project Manager at Rivierenland. “Proact has proven to be a flexible knowledge partner that has helped us migrate to the new solution seamlessly. Working together we’ve created a platform with more automation capabilities than before,” Vlietstra adds.

“We are now able to roll out a new workspace very easily at just the push of a button. In addition, all applications were installed in such a way that our most regular users had their needs supported quickly. We mainly have packaged applications for specific users. This saves time and resources,” Vlietstra continues.

Ewout Breen, System Administrator at Rivierenland, notes that Proact proved to be a flexible and expert partner. “Initially, we planned to take on the project ourselves, but close analysis showed that we would not meet the strict deadlines we needed to meet to implement our new financial system. Thanks to Proact’s efforts and technical input, we were able to get all things done in time. We now have the latest technology in place for both hardware and software, which helps us ensure continuity and security. In addition, the new platform is easier to manage.”

“The project at Rivierenland is an excellent example of how we support customers in their transition to a new platform. We combine state-of-the-art technology with in-depth knowledge and expertise, with a focus on tangible results that align with the customer’s business needs.” says Sander Dekker, Business Unit Director Europe West at Proact.

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