Data centre and cloud service provider Proact has achieved high scores for the fourth consecutive year in research agency Giarte’s annual Outsourcing Performance survey.

Proact scored 86 (on a scale between 0 and 100) on the Giarte Trust Score, a measurement of the trust a customer has in its service provider. This was well above the average Trust Score (77) across all service providers in the survey.

Proact also recorded a Satisfaction Score of 8.7, the same figure as last year. This score is determined by asking customers to assess the services they receive with a mark between 1 and 10.

In addition, Proact scored high at 89 in the Fan Score area (average being 69). The Fan Score is determined by asking respondents if they would recommend their service provider to others. 39 per cent of respondents who recommended Proact fell into the ‘Superfan’ category.

Giarte’s Outsourcing Performance survey is a Dutch benchmark study created with qualitative and quantitative research. The respondents – almost 1,000 – all work in a customer setting and are closely involved in IT outsourcing. The job titles of participants include CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CPOs, COOs, CFOs, outsourcing VPs and procurement and vendor managers. They answered questions on their experiences with 47 IT service providers.

In its latest report, Giarte points out that the traditional way of outsourcing with a ‘we against them’ mantra and one-sided management and SLAs, no longer works. “Iterative collaboration is needed to create value. This is increasingly realised through ecosystems with different parties that each create a part of the value within the bigger picture,” says Giarte. According to the research agency, ‘connection’ is key in 2019 to ensures sustainable collaboration.

“We are very happy that we perform consistently well in Giarte’s annual research,” says Sander Dekker, Business Unit Director Europe West at Proact.

“The results show that we grow together with our clients and continue to offer high quality service levels. We clearly follow the trends that Giarte observes. For us, close collaboration with our customers is key. With our knowledge and expertise, we want to add value and help customers strengthen their operations by putting partnership and people in the middle of their IT models.”

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Sander Dekker, Business Unit Director Europe West, Proact IT Group AB, tel: +31 30 30 33 200, sander.dekker@proact.eu

Danny Duggal, Head of Strategic Communications & Brand, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 733 566 843, danny.duggal@proact.eu

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