Proact has a stable financial position with good liquidity and the Board's proposal is based solely on the uncertainty caused by covid-19. The company is well positioned in a market that is also characterised by rapid change with a focus on digital transformation and innovation. This change is largely focused on data and information management, which is becoming increasingly business critical, and where Proact has long been a well-established specialist.

As a result of covid-19, the company has taken the operational measures that the situation requires focusing on being able to deliver products and services with maintained quality to our customers while ensuring the health of our employees, customers and partners.

At present, it is not possible to determine how large or long-lasting the effect covid-19 entails. Consequently, the company prioritises good cash flows and liquidity until the situation clears.

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Jonas Hasselberg, CEO and President, Proact IT Group AB, +46 722 13 55 56,
Jonas Persson, CFO & IR, Proact IT Group AB, +46 733 56 66 90,