To identify a best-fit disaster recovery solution, Proact systematically examined every part of SWEP’s organisation and its respective requirements on applications and service delivery. Both parties agreed that Proact’s Disaster Recovery as a Service approach offered the flexibility and availability that the company required.

Now up and running, this managed service offers regular backups of SWEP’s servers. In addition, the service can be used to manually restore server operations that are not covered by the main DR solution – providing coverage in a worst case scenario. In such as event, secondary data centre capacity can be enabled through Proact Hybrid Cloud.

This DR solution involves more than technology. It also encompasses a ‘runbook’ for disaster recovery which details a step-by-step workflow in the case of an outage, with clear lines of responsibility.

To learn more about leveraging an ‘as a service’ approach for disaster recovery, read SWEP’s complete story here:

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