As previously announced, a Nomination Committee, in accordance with the decision of the Proact Annual General Meeting 2017, has been appointed to work out proposals to be submitted at the Company's Annual General Meeting 2018. The Nomination Committee, represented by the company's four largest shareholders regards to voting rights per 30 September 2017, includes Jens Ismunden (Grenspecialisten), Stephanie Gabrielsson (Skandia Liv), Magnus Skåninger (Swedbank Robur Funds) and Anders Hultmark (IGC and outgoing Chairman of the Board of Proact IT Group AB).

The Nomination Committee hereby informs that the Nomination Committee will propose to the Annual General Meeting 2018 to elect Eva Elmstedt as new Chairman of the Board of Proact IT Group AB. Eva Elmstedt has previously held senior positions in companies such as Ericsson, IBM and Nokia. In addition, Eva Elmstedt has experience from board work in listed companies and has been a member of Proact's Board since 2009.

"After 12 years as a board member, I have declined re-election. It is with great confidence I hand over the responsibility to Eva Elmstedt, who has solid industry experience and has been part of the company's board for many years. The continuity means that Proact is well positioned to continue its successful journey, says Anders Hultmark. "

Jens Ismunden, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Telephone :+46 730 31 25 81