When the GDPR regulation was coming into force, the district wanted to improve the functionality of its software systems. Proact introduced data insight and data loss prevention technologies from multiple vendors to create a financially attractive solution that allowed the Ostrava-South district to better manage file access, end-user actions, data classification and more.

"We won this competitive tender because, quite simply, we submitted the best offer which met the customer's specifications and expectations," says Vít Létavka, CEO of Proact in the Czech Republic. He adds: "Now the customer has a solution that allows better management of its files, meets legal requirements, and improves data security." 

The district first tested the solution on a small number of users and has now extended the system into full operation.

"Thanks to the new solution we can clean data that has built up even over decades and we now have our data processes under control," says Roman Škubal, Head of Information Systems Department at the Ostrava-South city district office.

The solution which Proact designed using its vast experience in protecting client data is preventing unauthorised access to personal data at end-user stations while analysing and managing files within its central IT systems. All of the customer's documents are now classified accordingly and newly created documents are automatically classified in-line with pre-defined policies. 

Vít Létavka adds that this project has been a positive experience for Proact. “We have learned that time plays a very important role in projects, especially when they involve the GDPR. Our advanced technical knowledge and close cooperation with suppliers allowed us to develop a cost-effective and compliant solution that met the customer’s needs in a timely fashion.”

For further information, please contact:

Vít Létavka, Managing Director Proact Czech Republic Ltd., vit.letavka@proact.eu
Danny Duggal, Head of Strategic Communications, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 733 566 843, danny.duggal@proact.eu