Proact’s WANaaS will support enterprises who are looking to grow their WAN bandwidth and improve their security. Customers pursuing a multicloud strategy can leverage Proact’s direct connectivity from its data centres to public clouds, as well as connecting their own sites together under one WAN management platform.

With Proact’s WANaaS, customers will gain access to their own real-time portal and can rest assured that connectivity is monitored, managed and supported round-the-clock, all but eliminating any risks from human error, and leaving enterprise IT teams free to focus on IT projects driving business value and innovation.

“Many customers of ours have already taken advantage of a multitude of secure managed cloud services hosted in our data centres, such as backup, DR, Infrastructure as a service and SIEM. With our managed WAN service, customers can also benefit from connectivity across their on-premises, private cloud and public cloud infrastructures, with a single point of contact”, says Per Sedihn, CTO and Acting VP, Portfolio & Technology at Proact IT Group AB.

For further information, please contact:
Per Sedihn, CTO and Acting VP, Portfolio & Technology, Proact IT Group AB, tel +46 8 41 06 66 52,
Danny Duggal, VP Commercial & Communications, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 733 566 843,