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New cloud solution makes it possible to share files securely and easily on any device

Zoetermeer,  29 March 2012 - Proact, Europe’s largest independent storage integrator, launches Probox. This new solution to share content in the cloud offers the perfect balance between security, user-friendliness and availability. Probox combines several tools which allow end users to access data, everywhere and always, with Windows and Mac PCs via a client or web browser and on almost any mobile device. In addition, Probox gives IT administrators’ full control over authentication, encryption and information protection in general. Probox is a professionally hosted and managed solution specifically developed for business life meeting the highest security and flexibility standards.

High demands of mobile workers
Co-workers are mobile, work from different locations and use different mobile devices. Traditional IT services can handle some content sharing, for example through e-mail.  However, they cannot yet fully meet the wishes of mobile workers. The services available to share files are usually restricted to an internal ‘intranet’ and are usually only accessible through protocols which do not run properly in combination with restricted bandwidth and mobile devices.

Apps developed for consumers do somehow fill the gap of traditional IT services, but these public cloud solutions are usually not secure enough for the average business or non-profit organisation. Nevertheless, these solutions are used on a large scale within organisations. Co-workers get round the corporate guidelines and operating processes to make their work easier and more flexible. As a result, however, IT administrators are confronted with the phenomenon of ‘data leakage’. The trend of using consumer apps on mobile devices in a business environment, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), seems to be irreversible and, therefore, adequate anticipation is required.

Automatic synchronisation with the Proact cloud
Proact Probox is a combination of cloud services which enables secure and flexible file sharing. The solution works in every organisation, regardless of the number of employees or the required security level. Proact Probox can be accessed from any location around the globe via PC and permanent internet connections or via a mobile device and mobile internet. Security can be integrated with the organisation’s active directory, if required. In addition, strict authentication and encryption options are available for organisations requiring extreme security measures.

The Probox application can be installed on every Windows of Mac OS computer. By copying the required folders or files to the Probox application, the data are automatically synchronised to the Proact cloud. Files which are then created or adapted are also immediately updated in the cloud. The copy in the cloud is fully protected, but it is accessible through any browser or any mobile device. Folders can easily be selected or deselected for synchronisation with the cloud.

“The time when employees settled for the solution made available by the IT department is long gone”, says Rob Christ, Vice President of Proact Managed Cloud Services. “Employees know more than ever what they want due to their experience with apps and devices in their private life. They make high demands on IT solutions and are not prepared to compromise. Proact Probox allows organisations to offer co-workers a reliable, user-friendly and secure alternative for consumer solutions like Dropbox. We also handle a hybrid implementation model to fully respond to the wishes of every organisation. Proact Probox can be installed behind the organisation’s firewall with a replication to the Proact cloud. Proact Probox can also be hosted entirely in the host. Co-workers will thus acquire the tools they need to share content easily and work on documents together without compromising the business continuity."

Prices and availability
Proact Probox is directly available for a fixed amount per user per month.  Further information about the Proact Probox solution is available on: For information about prices and options of Proact Probox:

About Proact
Proact is a specialist in storage, archiving and securing large volumes of mission-critical information. As an independent integrator, Proact provides systems, support and consulting services within its focus area of data storage and archiving.
The Proact Group has more than 640 employees and conducts business in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. Proact was founded in 1994 and its parent company, Proact IT Group AB (publ) has been listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm since 1999 under the symbol PACT.
Additional information about Proact is available at

Proact contacts:
Tjeerd Bloembergen, Business Unit Director Proact Benelux and Spain & Managed Cloud Services Tel.: +31(0) 79 361 97 65
Jeroen Hendriks, Marketing Manager Proact Benelux and Spain & Managed Cloud Services  Tel.: +31(0) 79 361 97 65



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