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As Afa Insurance modernises its IT, systems development can be dramatically shortened from a month to an hour. This goal can be achieved by moving the business systems to a container-based platform. Conoa, which was acquired by Proact earlier this year, has played a key role in the change.

In order to meet the requirements of its business, Afa Insurance saw a need for a more modern IT platform for its business systems. A new strategy was therefore adopted with the aim of creating a service-based IT architecture.


Together with Conoa, a completely new container-based platform was built for all systems development. The new platform gives Afa Insurance a more fast-paced development process where changes that previously took months are now made in hours. The platform also creates completely new conditions for a smooth transition to a multicloud environment where both in-house IT operations and various types of cloud services can be used.


Conoa, now part of Proact, has its expertise in modern platforms such as Kubernetes, cloud native and container technology. The company has been a key partner in the architecture and implementation of the container platform as well as in the training of Afa Insurance's management, operations and development teams. Conoa is also a technical partner for Afa Insurance when new development teams and applications are set up on the platform.


“It's a big shift we're making. Conoa has been very important from the start for us to get the work involved in this change underway and they are still a vital part of this journey," says Patrik Grönlund, Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations at Afa Insurance.


“Afa Insurance is one of several examples where both Proact and Conoa have a long-standing and close relationship with the customer. We have had the privilege of working in several projects and teams at Afa Insurance over the years. We can see what a head start they are creating by introducing new technology and at the same time investing heavily in training staff and developing working practices. Of course, it's also extra fun that we can help customers like Afa Insurance more broadly now that we have become part of Proact," says Thomas Ljungfeldt, Account Manager for Afa Insurance and CEO of Conoa.



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For further information, please contact:

Danny Duggal, VP Commercial & Communications, Proact IT Group AB, Tel. +46 733 566 843,
Thomas Ljungfeldt, CEO, Conoa AB, Tel. +46 70 330 35 35,

About Proact and Conoa

Proact is Europe’s leading specialist in data and information management with focus on cloud services and data centre solutions. We help our customers to store, connect, protect, secure and drive value through their data whilst increasing agility, productivity and efficiency. We’ve completed thousands of successful projects around the world, have more than 4,000 customers and currently manage hundreds of petabytes of information in the cloud. We employ over 1,000 people in 15 countries across Europe and North America. Founded in 1994, our parent company, Proact IT Group AB (publ), was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1999 (under the symbol PACT). For further information about Proact’s activities please visit us at
Conoa who are experts in Kubernetes, Cloud Native and container technology was acquired by Proact in 2021.

About Afa Insurance

Afa Insurance provides security and financial support in the event of illness, occupational injury, absence from work, death and parental leave through insurance policies defined in collective agreements between labour market partners and covering more than four million people in private industry, municipalities, county councils and regions. Afa Insurance operates on a non-profit basis and manages around SEK 200 billion. An important part of its activities is to support research and projects that actively aim to improve the working environment. Afa Insurance has around 650 employees and is owned by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the labour unions LO and PTK..

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