Proact’s BCA Rapid Insight service guides organisations of all shapes and sizes to the right cloud solution, saving time and reducing costs while also eliminating risk on their cloud journey. The outcome is a clear strategic plan for cloud adoption, showing which workloads can and should be moved. Having helped companies of all sizes with their cloud transitions, Proact is perfectly positioned to provide real-world cloud adoption advice from both a technical and business stance.

BCA Rapid Insight begins with an essential one-day workshop for cloud-curious management and other key stakeholders. Following this session, expert consultants from Proact will document an actionable strategy that explains both generic success factors for cloud adoption, alongside tailored, step-by-step guidance which forms a cloud roadmap for future action.

Designed using Proact’s 25 year heritage of delivering successful IT transformation projects, the Rapid Insight workshop accommodates both technical and business personnel and is ideally held with a broad audience within the customer’s organisation, including finance, production, internal support and sales. The outcomes of the workshop are particularly helpful when people come along with an open mind and are prepared to change their current thinking on a range of topics that affect their organisation.

“At Proact, we are firm believers in a no-nonsense, business-centric approach for achieving cloud readiness, and BCA Rapid Insight captures this thinking in a straightforward and structured manner,” says Mark Butcher, Head of Innovation at Proact.

“Organisations can fully realise their potential with the cloud by treating it as a vehicle for business development, not just as a more efficient way of providing their IT services.”

BCA Rapid Insight is a key ingredient in Proact’s vision for IT as a Service. The service demonstrates why IT as a Service is an essential focus for business and IT innovation, highlighting the key requirements of organisations as they prepare for their cloud journey.

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