Infrastructure as a service allows CSC Telecom freedom and ability to meet the ever-changing requirements of the organisation

CSC Telecom has been providing telecommunications and communication solutions to companies since 2003. Its experience and technology allow it to help companies implement high-quality and modern solutions that improve the company’s communication with customers and facilitate daily work, as well as digitise business processes.




CSC Telecom was in need of an enterprise IT infrastructure to meet its customers’ needs. Although they had great IT knowledge , they did not want to use internal resources on its infrastructure. They were looking for a partner that could take full responsibility for design, implementation and maintenance.


The professional IT team at CSC Telecom appreciated that Proact had the right skills, knowledge and competence required to offer a successful operation for its IT infrastructure. The solution included Infrastructure as a Service,  Backup as a Service and Monitoring as a Service.

Proact offered us a cloud solution that helped ensure greater efficiency and the operation of our IT infrastructure.