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Cybersecurity solutions

Elevate your cybersecurity with Proact for a robust defense against cyber threats, ensuring the safety of your organisation.

Secure your mission-critical data

The world of cyber threats has evolved dramatically over the years, and we find ourselves in a landscape where the pace of change is faster than we have ever seen. In today’s digital age, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. It is not just a fleeting trend; it is an undeniable and escalating problem that has the potential to disrupt businesses, both in the private and public sectors, with catastrophic consequences.

At Proact, we provide practical and efficient cybersecurity solutions that enable proactive protection and swift recovery. Our offerings encompass securing your storage foundation, fortifying your network, and implementing proactive monitoring and threat detection across your entire IT ecosystem. In the event of a severe attack, our diverse backup, disaster recovery, and cyber resilience solutions play a crucial role in minimizing the impact of such incidents.

Elevate your cybersecurity​

Storage Security Solutions

Proact always designs a storage solution with security in mind. In addition, our “Storage Security Assessment” services help you pinpoint gaps, underutilized features, and enhancements in your storage platforms, ensuring comprehensive protection. Additionally, we provide the option of Service Management, ensuring a seamless and secure storage solution based on SLA.

Backup and recovery

For over 30 years, backup has been central to our customer commitment. We offer multi-level backup and recovery solutions from top vendors, complemented by our Proact Cloud Vault – a remote copy with immutability, air-gapping, and a testing sandbox. We seamlessly connect your data across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, ensuring consistent cyber resilience and swift recovery. 

Network Security

Data security is of critical importance for any business, and legacy firewalls and legacy VPN solutions are often no longer enough. Our network security solutions enable hybrid working from unmanaged locations – and on unmanaged devices, while at the same time keeping your entire network more secure.

Managed SIEM

With Managed SIEM, gain real-time visibility into your IT environment. Our experts monitor, analyze, and provide proactive alerts, empowering you to stay ahead of evolving threats and ensure data protection.

Managed detection and Response (MDR)

To help you facing modern cyber threats 24/7, our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers round-the-clock monitoring, expert analysis, proactive insights, and rapid incident response, ensuring your security remains paramount. We’re your first line of defense, 24/7.

NIS 2 Directive - EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity

Need Assistance with NIS2 Compliance? We've got you covered

Ensure regulatory compliance with NIS2

EU’s NIS2 Directive enforces stringent cybersecurity measures. We offer incident monitoring with guaranteed alerts and a standby Incident Response Team (IRT).

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive backup and recovery solutions to ensure compliance with both incident reporting and business continuity.

Fight AI-driven threats – with AI

As a leader in hybrid cloud, our strength lies in combining a robust storage infrastructure architecture and posture with ML-driven automation and AI simplicity. This synergy allows us to deliver unparalleled capabilities in risk detection, readiness, and cloud-scale recovery, ensuring speed and certainty in every aspect. 

Proact - your trusted cybersecurity partner

With a legacy spanning 30 years in safeguarding data and as a service provider for decades, Proact stands as a pillar of experience and commitment. Our team of 1200 specialists, stationed in 35 offices across 12 countries, is also supported by an extended 400+ 24/7 SOC analysts team, together ensuring unwavering security. Excelling in the complexities of the hybrid cloud, we are pioneers of innovation, partnering with top vendors and serving over 4000 customers across Europe—from government bodies to diverse industries. 

Our ISO27001, ISO9001, and PCI DSS Level 1 certifications are testament to our dedication to your security. At Proact, we pride ourselves on being “big enough to act, but small enough to care,” embodying a unique blend of extensive expertise and personalized attention to safeguard your digital assets. 

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