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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Enhance your cybersecurity with Proact’s MDR solution for swift threat detection and response, minimizing potential damages and safeguarding your digital assets.

24/7 protection against cyberattacks

Organisations are facing significant challenges in efficiently detecting and responding to modern cyber threats. Many have deployed security tools, but the lack of 24×7 monitoring, extensive security expertise, and a well-staffed security team often results in undetected threats.

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution is designed to address these challenges.

Our MDR provides 24/7 monitoring for your full IT ecosystem, from servers to cloud apps. Our 400+ SOC experts work around the clock to analyse and detect potential threats, offering a comprehensive security solution.

Through advanced reports and security reviews, we provide valuable insights to keep you informed about threats and mitigation efforts. This proactive approach empowers you to enhance security and protect against evolving threats.

MDR harnesses award-winning threat detection technology, combining advanced machine learning with expert human analysis to unveil threats others might miss. We’re so confident in our capabilities that we offer a market-leading initial incident response guarantee of just 1 hour from detection.

In the unfortunate event of a security incident, we’re your first line of defense. Our team acts swiftly to contain the threat and prevent potential damage. Your cybersecurity never sleeps, and neither do we. Our dedicated team of specialists stands guard around the clock, ensuring immediate threat detection and response.

For serious incidents, our Proact consultants and Incident Response Team (IRT) are available around the clock, ensuring immediate threat remediation. Your security remains our top priority. For additional security and business continuity we also recommend Proacts backup and recovery solution addon.

Are you looking to get a market-leading MDR solution without investing in building your own SOC?

Our MDR is priced based on stable parameters, including users and servers. This allows your business to secure environments at a fully predictable cost.

Early Threat Prevention

Keep your organization safe by identifying and mitigating threats in their infancy, reducing potential harm and data loss.

Swift Incident Response

Rest easy knowing that in the event of a security incident, we're on the case, swiftly containing threats and notifying you promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Steamlined compliance

Our MDR simplifies the process of meeting compliance requirements, fortifying your security posture effortlessly, and saving you valuable time and resources.

Peace of mind

Enjoy top-tier security without the burden on your budget. Our MDR offers comprehensive protection at an affordable monthly fee, providing financial peace of mind.

Intuitive Insights

Gain a clear understanding of your security status with user-friendly dashboards. Real-time insights put you in control and keep you informed.

Adaptability for Growth

As your organization evolves and expands, our Managed Detection and Response solution seamlessly adapts to your changing needs. This ensures you have the right level of protection at all times

See our Managed Detection and Response solution in action

Security observations collected across internal and external networks, endpoints, and cloud environments are enriched with threat feeds, OSINT data, CVE information, and more to provide granularity and context to incidents investigated and triaged by the SOC team.

These security experts help cut through the noise to remediate and contain threats before they can spread across your network and cause broader damage. 

Managed detection and response (MDR) - platform demo

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