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Network Security

AI-driven security for business connectivity wherever you are.

Stay secure in the digital landscape

Data security is of critical importance for any business – and just as enterprises are taking best advantage of developments in AI, so are cybercriminals. It’s essential that you have in place robust solutions to safeguard your sensitive information where it is at most risk, traversing networks that are outside your control!

Network Security - challenges in a digital landscape
Employees ‘everywhere’ accessing cloud-based
applications and surfing the wider internet
Shadow IT, and the proliferation of unmanaged IoT devices
Remote workers on shared WiFi
connecting to enterprise resources
Your public-facing web sites and data centre-based applications

Elevate your defense with our Network Security Services

Secure Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

A Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is an advanced Network Security solution that evolved from traditional firewalls to address the shortcomings caused by the changing nature of the internet. Initially, firewalls relied on simple rules based on IP addresses and TCP/UDP ports to identify and allow data packets. However, as the internet became less trustworthy, and packet contents became untrustworthy, NGFWs were developed for enhanced Network Security.

Secure Access Gateway (SAG)

Traditional remote access VPNs have inherent flaws, providing access without inspecting user activity, raising security concerns over insecure connections and unmanaged internet access. Proact’s Secure Access Gateway redefines remote security, offering a user-focused, comprehensive Network Security solution to address the vulnerabilities associated with traditional VPNs.

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