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Modernise your data centre

Upgrade your infrastructure to align with your business objectives

Drive business value by modernising your data centre

While cloud computing offers many advantages, it may not always be the best fit for every workload or application.

Data centre modernisation can lead to significant cost reductions over time by improving operational efficiency, optimising energy consumption and reducing downtime. Finally, implementing automation into your on-premises infrastructure will remove management/maintenance burden from your team whilst also producing more consistent results through reducing capacity for human error.

Modernising your data centre is often the best option in a few different scenarios, such as when your organisation:

Future-proof your infrastructure

Improve security

Utilise our expertise to ensure your data centre is prepared to defend against modern security threats.

Unburden your IT team

Keep your team on business-critical projects while we implement automation to perform routine infrastructure management tasks.

Add flexibility

Build gateways to external services and the cloud and move workloads back and forth from your data centre.

Maximise ROI

Rely on us to combine solutions providing the best value over time for your on-premises infrastructure.

How to get started modernising your data centre


If you’re considering modernising your data centre, the first step is to conduct a health check of your existing environment. Here, we’ll help you assess the soundness of your current infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.

Depending on your key objectives, here’s what else we can help you with:



Consolidating servers and storage to help reduce hardware requirements, lower costs and improve resource utilisation.

Software-defined networking

Software-defined networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) to abstract network control from the underlying hardware, making it easier to manage and configure the network.



Virtualising servers and storage to reduce the physical footprint of the data centre, improve flexibility and reduce costs.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Migrating some workloads to the cloud can improve scalability, agility and accessibility. A hybrid cloud strategy can provide the best of both worlds.



Automating routine tasks such as provisioning, monitoring and patching improves efficiency and reduces human error.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combines compute, storage and networking in a single platform, thereby simplifying management and reducing costs.

Modular design

Modular design

Adopting a modular design approach reduces complexity, improves scalability and makes it easier to manage growth.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Optimising data centre power and cooling contributes to a reduction in energy costs, improves sustainability and reduces your carbon footprint.

Data centre infrastructure management (DCIM)

Data centre infrastructure management (DCIM)

Leveraging DCIM software improves visibility and control over data centre assets, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Enable your hybrid cloud

A modern on-premises data centre is a pre-requisite to successfully managing cloud-based applications and services, creating a flexible and scalable environment.

With a modern data centre as the basis of your hybrid cloud, you will benefit from:

Furthermore, leveraging virtualisation and automation within your on-premises data centre enhances the efficiency and resilience of the hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Proact Hybrid Cloud

Take your data centre to the next level

Use case examples

Data centre modernisation

If you are running legacy infrastructure that is reaching the end of life, modernising your data centre can help improve performance, scalability and reliability while reducing operational costs.

Modernising your data centre can enable you to support new digital initiatives, such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).
In turn, these initiatives can assist you in gaining valuable business operations insights and thereby improve decision-making.

Enhancing your on-premises infrastructure’s security features, data protection measures and physical security as well as implementing auditing and reporting tools and compliance automation can help you to avoid compliance penalties.

Modernisation of your data centre can help you to ensure business continuity by providing advanced disaster recovery and backup solutions, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.


Implementing virtualisation, automation and other energy-efficient technologies in the course of your data centre modernisation can reduce your energy consumption and environmental footprint.


If your current infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the demands of your business operations, upgrading to modern technology can help improve performance and reliability.

Modernising your infrastructure can help streamline management and reduce the complexity of your data centre environment.

As remote work becomes more prevalent, modernising your infrastructure can help ensure employees have secure access to critical business applications and data from any location.

In the course of modernisation, you can take advantage of new technologies to reduce costs, such as energy-efficient hardware and automation tools.

By enabling faster, more reliable access to services and applications, modernising your infrastructure can also contribute to improvement of the customer experience.

Systems management is now more efficient, which means our staff save time. With separate devices, there was more overhead. We also have support from Proact with maintenance and updates.”

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Why work with Proact as your partner?

At Proact, we specialise in modernising on-premises infrastructure solutions, drawing upon over 30 years of experience in consulting, designing, implementing, supporting and managing this technology.

This experience means we won’t make any assumptions about what it will take to modernise your organisation’s data centre — rather, we will work closely with you to get to know your business needs and goals. Then, we’ll provide customised solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our team of highly experienced engineers and consultants is located throughout Europe, with diverse industry expertise, so we can provide comprehensive services, from strategy and assessments to design, implementation, migration, ongoing Proact Premium support, monitoring and even full-service management. We take a vendor-agnostic approach, ensuring that we build the best technical solution for your organisation based on your specific needs and requirements.

Case studies

Read about how our customers achieved their business goals through data centre modernisation:

Case study Liseberg - data centre modernisation

In several areas, including security, we are facing increasing requirements on expert skills which are difficult both to recruit and to maintain. And for us to deliver on the tasks we are assigned, it is no longer reasonable that we do it all ourselves."


one of our specialists

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