Data protection and IT security

Data protection and IT security are a must for most organisations

Data protection and IT security - solutions and expertise that create security

Digitisation creates fantastic opportunities to develop operations and business. A sign that your organisation has succeeded in digitisation is that the value of your data is constantly growing. Data protection, and keeping data constantly available, then becomes operationally critical. It is precisely such tasks that Proact is always ready for.

It was our know-how in data management and data protection that built our company from the start. Today, our customers trust Proact for their entire IT security framework. Our solutions, services and advice provide the support they need to shoulder the responsibility and act in time to meet the ever-changing threat landscape. ย 

IT security
Proact offers specialist expertise, solutions and services that strengthen your security posture and relieve your team of substantial IT security work. The result is tighter increased security and more time for operations.

Ransomware protection
The number of ransomware attacks is increasing sharply every year. So itโ€™s essential to have full-scale protection against this type of security threat which can come both from outside and from within the organisation.
Proact helps your organisation find a suitable solution, with, among other things, an “air-gapped” data protection solution, anomaly detection, Cyber-recovery as a service, etc.

Disaster recovery
Disaster recovery is the lifeline you need if the worst should happen and the IT infrastructure is knocked out. With the support of Proact’s resources, you will be able to restore the business and avoid investing in a duplicate data centre.

Backup has always been important. In today’s hybrid environment, the main challenge is to secure data regardless of where it is stored – in a mobile device, in your own data centre or with a cloud provider.

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Our offering within data protection and IT security

Leave the management of daily backups to Proact and have backups tested regularly, while maintaining control over your own data.

SOC (security operations centre) works around the clock to monitor your infrastructure detect suspicious events early and ward off attacks.

Specialist competence
With ongoing skills development and the right certifications, our storage and security specialists fill the gaps in your team.

Vulnerability analysis Reduce exposure to cyber attacks: - let Proact audit your infrastructure to discover security gaps that hackers can exploit for intrusions

Kinnarps retains control of backup from the cloud

Kinnarps had long planned a transition to Office 365, which was quickly implemented when the pandemic hit. But how can this be combined with the company’s principle of owning and controlling its data? A hybrid solution from Proact made it possible for the company to collect all backups under its own roof.

Customer examples

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