Better-performing, efficiently-licensed database platforms. Delivered. Managed

It’s great to have a solution that works and we now get more time to spend on other tasks. We have better availability to our development environment because we have a good, automated solution.”

Johan Wik
Database administrator , The Swedish Pension Agency
Databases are critical for applications to work, yet it’s simply not cost-effective for most organisations to hire a full-time specialist with the necessary skills. We can provide you with advice on your databases and offer you health checks to see how yours are performing. We can also build your database platform and manage your databases for you.
Proact will fill your organisation’s database skills gap. Our database team has the expertise needed to deliver and manage better-performing database platforms that are licenced in the most efficient way. And because we also employ experts in other areas of infrastructure, such as storage and networking, we add value in ways many of our application-focused competitors cannot.

Some of the benefits of our strategic consulting services


We can take full responsibility for database management if you need us to, thanks to 24/7 managed services

Wide range of skills

Thanks to platform & database experts supported by other infrastructure specialists


We look at licencing to make sure your infrastructure runs in the most efficient way

How we transform IT


We know the market so we can help you choose the right hardware, before working with some of the most renowned providers to deliver it

Support and management

We can support & manage your existing hardware or services, removing the burden from your IT team & ensuring excellence with 24/7 expert attention

As a service

We design & deliver managed services wherever they’re needed – your data centre, ours, private/public/hybrid cloud – providing maximum flexibility & agility

Example database services

Database-related resources

cloud partner

Service availability

Making sure services are available when your end-users need them There’s no doubt, the availability of IT services really matters. If a service isn’t readily

The Swedish Pension Agency

Powerful storage platform and convenient self-service portal boost productivity In Sweden, 2.2 million people received national retirement pension in 2018. 7.5m current and future pensioners