1. Market-leading offering

Proact has a clear, qualitative offering in the field of data centres with associated consultancy and support services, as well as cloud services. Proact supplies flexible, secure IT services that help customers to reduce risks, lower costs and increase productivity.

2. Attractive noncyclical market

Increased digitisation is a clear global market trend, so having an IT function that works well is of increasingly strategic importance and frequently a prerequisite for efficient running of core business. This is why the part of the IT market on which Proact works is relatively insensitive to cyclical fluctuations. Annual economic market growth has stood at between 1 and 5 per cent over the last few years.

3. Clear strategy for growth

Implementation of relevant activities relating to the sale, marketing, development and innovation of services and products is ensured regularly so as to create good organic growth in existing markets, as well as ensuring that we have relevant partners. Moreover, the company is expanding into new markets. Growth through acquisition is another important part of the strategy.

4. Focus on increased margins

To further improve the EBITA margin, we will be continuing to focus on good cost control and continuous streamlining of our business. The target of increasing the percentage of contracted services from the company’s total revenues will also have a positive effect on the EBITA margin.

5. Share dividend

Proact’s business has a strong cash-generating ability thanks to a strong financial position, net cash, a good equity ratio and efficient management of operating capital. The company’s policy on dividends is to allocate 25–35 per cent of its profit after tax.

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