Customers and deliverables

In order to manage the trust which our customers have placed in us, our services are supplied in accordance with established standards such as “ITIL Service Management”, which includes a number of processes for the supply of cost-effective IT services based on the customer’s business.

Proact runs regular customer surveys with a view to gauging how well our customers feel we are delivering on our quality promises, as well as indicating their overall assessment of us as a business partner and how well we are creating a more innovative, more flexible world by focusing on sustainability and social engagement.
Customers are accepted by Proact with regards to corporate social responsibility in our quarterly internal business reviews.

Purchasing and supplier code of conduct

We spend significant sums on procuring goods every year. Most of our suppliers are based in Europe and North America, where compliance with basic human rights is rather good. All our suppliers undergo an approval process which involves evaluation of both product safety and corporate responsibility (human rights, anti-corruption, anti-bribes and environment). We have an implemented checklist and do quarterly follow-up with our largest suppliers to ensure their standards.


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