Compare BaaS types

Which type of Backup as a Service is right for you?

Use the table below to compare features and discover which type of BaaS might meet the needs of your organisation best.

    BaaS-E & BaaS-A BaaS-V Managed BaaS-S BaaS-V Unmanaged remote vault
Architecture Copies of data 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3 - Agentless
1 - In-server agent
1 1 or 2
Data locations Local and/or remote Local and/or remote Remote Remote
Support File archive Yes No No No
SAN storage Integration Yes Yes Yes N/A
NAS storage Yes No Yes N/A
Hypervisor backup Yes Yes Yes N/A
Physical server Yes Yes Yes - LUNs Only N/A
Application consistency Yes Yes Yes N/A
Public cloud source Yes Yes No N/A
Public cloud target Yes Yes No N/A
Security Encryption at rest Yes Yes No Yes
Encryption in flight Yes Yes Yes Yes
Encryption key per customer No Yes N/A Yes
Service interaction method Customer self-service Yes Yes No Yes
Proact management Yes Yes Yes No
Searchable catalogue Yes Yes No N/A
Other No backup windows No Yes No N/A
Learn More BaaS-E
BaaS-V Managed BaaS-S BaaS-V Unmanaged Remote Vault
Note: N/A signifies that the Proact service does not provide this functionality directly, but the functionality will be available, depending on how you configure the source service.

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