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How to overcome the obstacles that face IT

From retaining top talent to delivering new services despite budget constraints, IT has plenty of hurdles to conquer. But how will IT meet these challenges today and in the future? Explore potential remedies and the thoughts of our experts by simply clicking on the challenge you want to learn more about.

Accelerating innovation

The IT innovation era is in full swing and is causing many companies to completely transform their approach to IT service delivery. This profound change is primarily a reaction to the growing digital economy, which insists that companies deliver fast, efficient and reliable services round-the-clock. In a world where speed and new capabilities rule the roost, how can you attain your competitive position?

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Future-proofing IT

Help your organisation stay ahead of the curve in today's age of rapid change. Don't just react to changes, discover new opportunities that excite your business and drive innovation. Discover more about the changes that will likely impact your company, including cloud, collaboration and Internet of Things, and make sure your department can deliver the services that the business needs.

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Organisational alignment

It's not new to say that business and IT strategies need to align, but why are companies finding it so hard to do this? Working in IT, it's essential that you look beyond technology and consider how your work can add value to the business. Discover how you can gain insight into business objectives and learn about methods that can get IT and the business on the same page.

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Controlling costs

Deliver value to your business partners in the midst of budget constraints and transform the reputation of your department at the same time. Discover how you can optimise costs, including how you can leverage your existing infrastructure investments, and discover if an "as a service" IT model could work for your IT department.

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Cyber threat protection

Cyber security is all over the news and it should definitely be a priority on your IT agenda. As the GDPR changes approach and as the size and names of organisations involved in security breaches continue to get bigger, you must take a proactive approach to protecting your data. Every second of downtime and disruption caused by a cyber attack can be extremely costly so learn how you can improve your security now.

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Enabling business agility

It's essential that your IT architecture that can underpin business growth and that also allows your company to seize opportunities quickly so you can get ahead of the competition. Find out why we think that flexible IT service delivery must become part of your department's mindset, and learn how you can overcome some of the challenges that gaining flexibility can present to your organisation.

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Finding the best-fit

We don't need to remind you that one size no longer fits all in the world of IT, which has led to the emergence of best-of-breed IT solutions that encompass features from a variety of players in the technology market. What building blocks does your company need to put in-place in order to support digital business demands? How do you determine if the cloud is right for you and how do you decipher where your workloads should go? Read our content to answer these critical questions.

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Improving collaboration

Everyone today is connected, whether it's via smartphone communication or whether they're sharing files using the likes of OneDrive or Dropbox. Becoming more inter-connected is great, but also presents some complex challenges for your IT department. From security to ensuring that applications and tools are available round-the-clock, collaboration is very much dependent on the foundations that underpin it, your IT systems. Discover how you can boost business performance by enhancing collaboration - simply read our guidance to learn more!

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Increasing productivity

For a long time the IT department was stereotypically hidden in the basement of your offices and was pretty much ignored until something went wrong or until someone needed help. Believe it or not, many business stakeholders still don't fully understand the role of IT and how it enables the company's success - this needs to change. Make sure your company sees IT as a business enabler by adopting the skills and tools that you need to deliver critical IT services.

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Keeping up with change

The only constant in today's IT landscape is change. Unstoppable digital disruption is continuing to reshape entire industries and with the emergence of rapidly evolving technology and connectivity, what's possible is continually being redefined. The pace of change is accelerating fast so don't get left behind - read our range of articles, whitepapers and brochures to see how you can stay ahead of the pack.

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Limited resources

Transform the perception that IT is a cost centre and learn how you can continue to deliver the services that the business requires in the midst of skills and money shortages. With specialist IT skills being at a premium, discover how you can get real experts on-board within the strict confines of your budget sheet. Simply read our content to learn more.

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Service availability

In today's digital age, we all expect services to be available round-the-clock - with 99.999% availability being the rule that you must adhere to. But how do you mitigate the risk of downtime? How do you continue meeting those stringent availability KPIs? How do you ensure service availability in the midst of budgetary and resource constraints? Get informed by exploring the content and services that Proact has to offer.

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Service reliability

Most IT departments, whether or not they realise it, are an important component in the quest for reliability. It's ingrained that you must monitor each tier of your environment to make sure it's running as it should, but how will you continue to do this as the complexity and size of your IT environment continues to grow? Ensure that your infrastructure is reliable from the bottom up - find out how with Proact.

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