Cyber threat protection

Developing a bullet-proof cyber security strategy

Today, both the scale and names involved in security breaches are getting bigger meaning that cyber security protection strategies are climbing up the IT agenda (often being top of the list for the board and management team). At the same time, the frequency of data breaches is also on the rise and attackers are now targeting companies of every size and sector. In an age where every business is digital, every second of downtime and disruption caused by a cyber attack translates into significant harm across the business. And as if the consequences of a cyber attack weren't enough, organisations now face stricter regulation due to the GDPR.

In this environment of escalating cyber risk, it's essential that you acquire the knowledge, skills and processes that are required to protect your critical assets, your data. Get informed and get protected by reading our vast array of cyber security content and by learning more about our security services.

Success stories

Erzbistum Bamberg (Security)

Proact helped the archdiocese ensure data security despite having to support a high number of internal end-users

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