Finding the best-fit

One size certainly doesn't fit all in the world of IT

It'll be no surprise that best-of-breed is the way to go in order to achieve a truly optimised IT solution. But getting to the point where you know what technology is best suited for each of your application areas can be a complex and time-consuming process, and if you get the blend wrong, you can be left with infrastructure that has a detrimental effect upon your organisation. What technology building blocks do you need to support digital business? What do you need from your IT architecture? What does the business expect from IT systems? Start answering these questions to increase the chances of finding a real best-fit IT solution.

Proact works by the mantra that one size doesn't fit all and our expert consultants work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to design, implement and optimise IT infrastructure solutions that are tailored to individual needs. Unleash your potential and reduce IT complexity by reading our content and learning more about our bespoke IT services.

Success stories

Holland Colours

To ensure business continuity across all parts of the world, Holland Colours sought an IT partner for complete support of its infrastructure

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Glencore Agriculture

With innovation being at the core of IT operations at Glencore Agriculture, the company achieved a modern yet scalable infrastructure by introducing FlexPod

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When significant customer growth challenged Comcare, the firm tackled this hurdle with a Proact Hybrid Cloud solution

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