Limited resources

Limited budget. Limited skills. Limited options?

It's the norm for the IT department to be hit hard when finance looks to cut costs across the business. This is often the case because stakeholders beyond your department simply don't understand what IT does and therefore don't get where funds are being allocated. At the same time, IT is often first on the blame list when things go wrong - this doesn't seem fair, right?

Transform the perception that IT is a cost centre and learn how you can continue to deliver the services that the business requires in the midst of skills and money shortages. With specialist IT skills being at a premium, discover how you can get real experts on-board within the strict confines of your budget sheet. Simply read our content and learn more about Proact's services to start on your path to IT innovation (within the means of your budget of course).

Success stories

University of Gloucestershire

The university has entered a new IT paradigm by working with Proact to transform its entire infrastructure estate and operational model

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City of Copenhagen

Out of hours monitoring can be a challenge for any organisation, but is still essential to ensure service availability. Learn how Proact solved this issue

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Taylor Vinters

With plans to accelerate growth, Taylor Vinters chose a range of Proact's Managed Cloud Services to ensure that IT was flexible enough to evolve with the business

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