Organisational alignment

The secrets behind aligning your business and IT departments

It's barely groundbreaking to say that business and IT strategies need to align but in-practice this is much easier said than done. Organisations often struggle to work together and realise joint objectives with factors such as differences in departmental goals and culture, ineffective processes and systems, and mere mutual ignorance being to blame. Working in IT, it's essential that you look beyond technology, and must consider if your work is ultimately adding value to the business.

But how do you gain insight into business objectives and understand the priorities of several different departments? Proact has developed a methodology to do just this and we call it Business Cloud Alignment. Find out more about this approach to IT service delivery, including how it can help you map an effective route to the cloud, and find out how Proact's consultancy services can help your organisation move forward, together.

Success stories


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Howard Kennedy

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City of Copenhagen

Out of hours monitoring can be a challenge for any organisation, but is still essential to ensure service availability. Learn how Proact solved this issue

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