Service availability

Making sure services are available when your end-users need them

There's no doubt, the availability of IT services really matters. If a service isn't readily available to an end-user, harm can be caused to both your internal and external business operations. Let's say your online payment systems go down, what's stopping a customer from taking their business elsewhere? And internally, your administrators from various departments will be burdened with a huge list of complaints, what's going to happen to the tasks they were supposed to be working on? In today's digital age, we all expect services to be available round-the-clock - with 99.999% availability being the rule that you must adhere to.

But how do you mitigate the risk of downtime? How do you continue meeting those stringent availability KPIs? How do you ensure service availability in the midst of budgetary and resource constraints? Get informed by learning more from our enterprise IT specialists, and find out how Proact's services could assist with your availability needs.

Success stories

Erzbistum Bamberg (NetApp)

The archdiocese is now equipped for the future thanks to increased speed, performance, scalability, and high availability

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With scarce budget and specialist resources, Globeleq sought a trusted advisor with the expertise to make a real difference. Learn why Proact was chosen

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Find out how Proact delivered an infrastructure makeover which improved reporting speed and performance

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