Material, work procedures and energy

We aim always to use limited resources efficiently in order to prevent or reduce any harmful impact on the environment as a consequence of what we do. This involves promoting systems for recycling and reuse of materials and efforts to prevent pollution. Proact operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations concerning disposal of electronic equipment.

The company’s objective is for all operations to have relevant certification so that they can be pursued in a safe, structured manner in accordance with the local requirements on the market in question.

In most cases, the companies in the countries in which Proact works extensively hold accreditation to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001, but the companies in the countries in which Proact works less extensively are also certified in accordance with of the most common ISO systems. ISO27001 (information security management systems) in particular is of the utmost importance for the service offering provided by Proact to its customers. The quality management systems are specific to each country and require annual updates and audits. Proact is constantly working to reduce the number of data centres within the group in accordance with a set plan. Reducing the number of data centres will also reduce our consumption of electricity, heating and cooling.


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