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On this page you will find all upcoming events and webinars that Proact organises around Europe. We are constantly trying to create valuable meeting places for our customers and prospects. Whether it is a physical event or a digital event, which you can participate in when it suits you, we try to find exciting and current topics to talk about, discuss or dive deep into the technology.

If you have a topic that you would like us to arrange something about, feel free to contact us.

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Proact L8s Academy 2023

Proact K8s Academy 2023

EVENT STREAM | ENGLISH Proact is a leading European data and information management company...

Proact SYNC Tallinn 2023

Proact Estonia Event | ESTONIAN/ENGLISH Proact SYNC – me teeme seda jälle! SYNC 2023 on...

Společnost Quantum-specialista na ochranu a obnovu dat s integrovanou ochranou proti ransomware

WEBINAR (Czech) Datum: 15.06.2022|10:00 – 10:45 Na webináři vám pan Pavel Zika, zástupce společnosti...

Ochrana proti ransomware z pohledu HPE

WEBINAR (Czech) Datum: 25.05.2022 | 10:00 – 10:45 Vážení obchodní přátelé,ransomware vlevo, ransomware vpravo,...

Let’s talk… Ransomware – Hva bør du gjøre?

ON DEMAND (NORWEGIAN) Christian Mohn og Arnt Johannessenog programleder (og CTO) Stian Barmen vil...

Let’s talk… Hva er Proact Hybrid Cloud?

ON DEMAND (NORWEGIAN) Christian Mohn og programleder (og CTO) Stian Barmen vil ta oss...
Let's Talk Data UK

Let’s talk…becoming ICS ready: strategic session (on-demand event)

On-demand event (English) Integrated care services and the associated digital transformation are driving a...
Let's Talk Data UK

Let’s talk…becoming ICS ready: technical session (online event)

Online event (English) The right technology can empower NHS organisations to deliver on their...

Jak zaručit rychlou obnovu dat po ransomware útoku bez větších zásahů do vaší infrastruktury!

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR (Czech) Datum: 27.04.2022|10:00 – 10:45 Vážení obchodní partneři, zálohy jsou tou poslední...

Proact Tech Lounge Turku 2022

SEMINAR ( FINNISH) 22-05-24 Datan saatavuus on jokaisen yrityksen ja instituutin toiminnan ehdoton edellytys...

Kyberturvan merkitys toiminnan jatkuvuudelle, Jyväskylä

SEMINAR (IN FINNISH) 2022-05-09 Minkälaisiin kyberuhkiin suomalaisten organisaatioiden tulisi varautua nyt ja lähitulevaisuudessa? Kyberturvallisuuden...

Proact SYNC Oulu 2022

SEMINAR (FINNISH) 2022-05-19 Proact haluaa tuoda kumppanit ja asiakkaamme yhteen jakamaan kokemuksia ja oppimaan...

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