Hybrid solution provides FCG with reliable IT delivery and the right tools for growth

The financial consulting firm FCG sought a new partner for its IT service delivery, including hosting and end-user support. The company set its sights on a solution that could support its continued growth, while providing enhanced business support and control. By introducing Proact Hybrid Cloud and additional services from Proact, FCG has secured an IT platform that has room to grow.

FCG is a consulting firm that targets clients who are active in the financial markets. Founded in Sweden in 2008, the firm has established a broad presence thanks to a clear expansion strategy. The organisation now has four offices in three Nordic countries and between 2016 and 2018, FCG’s workforce grew from 80 to 150.


For its IT provisioning, FCG has always relied on external partners. The firm had various outsourcing and support arrangements, leased hardware, and also used cloud services. As the organisation continued to grow, FCG realised that it needed a more capable IT partner, one that could match its new size and requirements. FCG looked at a range of potential suppliers, inviting them to present their proposals for a larger and more scalable IT platform.


Unlike other potential suppliers, Proact diverged from FCG’s prerequisites, submitting a proposal which was more clearly forward-looking. Proact presented a different view on some critical issues. For instance, FCG was advised by Proact to upgrade its users from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and to migrate office applications to the cloud by the means of Office 365.

“There was no doubt that Proact stood out among the invited suppliers. We trusted them from the start, and that impression was reinforced by their formal offer. We also saw financial benefits with Proact’s proposal as it indicated lower migration costs.”


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