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Golden Rule – Backups should always be off-site

It’s been a golden rule for years that any backup solution should store business data off-site. This has been the case since the rise of x86 computing, initially with tapes being transported off site to external secure storage, and more recently with off-site replication of business data. However, SaaS services often seem to be forgotten for some reason. Under normal rules, if you ran exchange servers on site, you would have a structure backup policy to protect the data daily, and replicate it off site. So, is M365 any different? Should you be protecting this key data off site? The answer of course is YES – Microsoft themselves recommend external backup for your M365 business data so don’t leave the protection of M365 to chance – take a look at Proact’s M365 backup. It’s simple, fast and efficient M365 protection…. and it’s off-site.

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