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Group management

Get to know our group management team

Jonas Hasselberg CEO Proact IT Group AB, Acting BUD Central

Jonas Hasselberg

CEO & President, acting Business Unit Director, UK

Year of birth: 1967
Shares in Proact: 39,411
Employed since: 2018

Noora Jayasekara, CFO Proact IT Group AB

Noora Jayasekara

CFO & VP Investor relations

Year of birth: 1978
Shares in Proact: 0
Employed since: 2024

Jonas Ekmann, Mergers and Acquisitions Proact

Jonas Ekman

VP Corporate Development

Year of birth: 1975
Shares in Proact: 12,218
Employed since: 2019

Maria Gomez Business Unit Director Central Proact IT Group AB

Maria Gomez

Business Unit Director, Central

Year of birth: 1970
Shares in Proact: 3,500
Employed since: 2024

Alexander Lechthaler, Business Unit Director Proact West

Alexander Lechthaler

Business Unit Director, West

Year of birth: 1982
Shares in Proact: 4,000
Employed since: 2011

Magnus Lönn Business Unit Director Proact Nordics and Baltics

Magnus Lönn

Deputy CEO, Business Unit Director, Nordics & Baltics

Year of birth: 1974
Shares in Proact: 7,000
Employed since: 2022

Madeleine Samuelson VP People and Sustainability, Proact

Madeleine Samuelson

VP People & Sustainability

Year of birth: 1972
Shares in Proact: 5,350
Employed since: 2022

Per Sedihn - VP Portfolio and Technology Proact

Per Sedihn

VP Technology & Services

Year of birth: 1964
Shares in Proact: 500
Employed since: 1994

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