Haag Wonen


A solution to align business and IT

In recent years, the IT department at housing association Haag Wonen has worked hard to become a more service-orientated, strategy-focused team. In order to provide the right housing and services for tenants, the streamlined IT workforce needed to find a way to concentrate on these vital services, rather than developing and managing applications.

Haag Wonen is one of the three largest housing corporations in The Hague. It owns 22,000 residential buildings and 2,500 commercial properties.


Haag Wonen had a small, dedicated IT team that had no time to focus on strategy and future developments. Accepting that an alternative route to IT service management was needed, the housing association sought a new approach that involved outsourcing day-to-day tasks. An area that Haag Wonen decided to outsource was data management. With this in mind, the team started to search for a partner that could propose an effective solution for storage, backup and disaster recovery operations.


Haag Wonen decided to opt for various services from our portfolio of flexible, reliable and secure Managed Cloud Services. These included Disaster Recovery as a Service, Storage as a Service and Backup as a Service. Furthermore, our experts will help Haag Wonen develop a futureproof plan for IT service management by conducting a Business Cloud Alignment workshop. This will help the organisation determine the right cloud for the right workloads.

“Proact is playing an important role in our transition from being an operations-centric IT department to a more service-orientated team that support the wider organisation.”


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